Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca is Resting at Home and in Good Health Condition

DORAL, FL – In an exclusive interview with Doral Family Journal, councilwoman Claudia Mariaca confirmed she is feeling good and so far hasn’t showed any symptoms related with coronavirus.

She is in self-quarantine, along with her family, since Wednesday night after getting in contact with Brazil President, Jair Bolsonaro, at the beginning of the week.

“I informed the City and my family as soon as I heard the news. As a family, we consider there is no need to leave the house unless is strictly necessary, which is why we decided to stay in a quarantine state for at least 14 days,” said Councilwoman over the phone. 

In addition, Claudia Mariaca has been in close contact with Florida Health Department following the protocol in these cases as far as testing and prevention, while watching her health and that of her loved ones as well as washing hands, eating and sleeping well. 

“We have to be responsible and take care of ourselves as with any other virus. Washing hands and isolation is what keep us safe and others around us. Right now, I’m not even in contact with my parents as they are vulnerable to this disease…I ask people to remain calm, monitor official sources as the CDC and take care of their overall health” says the Councilwoman. 

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