Jake Miller Releases Self-Produced Album


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While covering this year’s iHeart Summer ‘17 Ultimate Pool Party at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, we ran into the Florida, born and raised singer and songwriter, Jake Miller. The 24-year-old singer’s path to success is emblematic of young pop stars today, building his name with a string of EP’s while amassing staggering numbers of social media followers. We couldn’t let go this opportunity to talk to him about his experience leaving the sunshine state to chase after his dreams in Los Angeles, about his upcoming album, and future tour.

But just because this Dazed & Confused” singer packed up his bags and moved across the country to continue pursuing his entertainment career, that doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling emotional about it. After all, he just left his home, friends, and family. We can imagine that’s got to be tough! When we asked Miller about the move and how Los Angeles was treating him, he mentioned “LA is treating me good, that’s were you have to be when you do what I do, so I’m out there, the weather is great, the vibes are great, I’m just chilling out there and making music and grinding”.  

Jake Miller dropped his brand new album, ‘2:00 AM in LA,’ and it’s absolutely incredible, climbing the charts to #1 over just a couple hours! Jake explained he wrote and produced every song, “it’s a very dear project to my heart. You know, I’ve been going through a lot of, its been an emotional roller coaster this year so I channeled all that energy and put it into these songs, I poured my heart into it” he later explained. He mentioned the song called “sleeping with strangers” as his favorite on the album since it is very special to him.

From being nominated as MTV’s Artist to Watch back in 2014 along with the girls of Fifth Harmony, to touring around the United States together, he mentioned to be very proud of them and everything they have accomplished. “I have seen them come from not the biggest girl group in the world and now they took over and I am so proud of them and they are still just as sweet as they were day one” Jake mentioned.

Now, he is ready to conquer the world and go on tour promoting his new album starting in the month of September. But don’t worry Miami fans, he is definitely making a stop in our city and his hometown. Can’t wait to see him perform!

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