Back from break, no time to waste


By Lucy Gonzalez


It’s almost time for summer and school is nearly ending, and many students feel like there is no more need to worry!

Although this past spring break did feel like a tease of what’s to come, summer break is still nine weeks away. There is still a lot that can be accomplished in just a few mere moments before the school year ends, and that is why it is necessary to seize every last second.

As the last semester comes around, it might be best to see where improvements can be made and where to focus time and energy. The testing season for finals and AP exams is just around the corner, so it’s important to make the most of the time.

For many upperclassmen in high school, this time of the year is extremely important. The grades that are heavily eyeballed by college admission are wrapping up, and the time to tackle your to-do list is now.

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