Doral Approves Senior Homestead Exemption.

Senior Homestead Exemption

Doral, FL – The Mayor and Council unanimously supported an ordinance sponsored by Vice Mayor Christi Fraga, granting Homestead Exemptions for seniors. This Senior Homestead Exemption ordinance is based on Amendment #11 to the Florida Constitution, approved by voters in the November 2012 general election.

“This ordinance will allow our City of Doral low-income seniors, who have already been living in their properties for an extended period of time, the option to stay in their homes, knowing that once they achieve the twenty-five year residency requirement, they will be able to live without having to worry about paying property taxes. I feel our seniors truly merit and need this assistance and I am proud of the support I have received from my fellow Councilmembers to move forward with the ordinance”, stated Vice Mayor Fraga.

This new law, effective in Miami-Dade County since 2013, provides an exemption equal to the entire assessed value of the property to any home-owner:

  • Who is 65 years of age or older.
  • Who has lived in the property for at least 25 years.
  • Who has a yearly adjusted gross household income of less than $27,994 (this income limit typically excludes social security benefits).
  • AND whose homestead property has a market value of less than $250,000.

Since 2013, Miami-Dade County has provided applications on their website and qualified seniors to receive this new long-term homestead exemption. However, our seniors have not been able to receive the municipal part of their exemption because Doral had not yet adopted an ordinance to grant them the exemption. Doral seniors will now be able to participate in this exemption.


Vice Mayor Fraga can be reached via e-mail, or (305) 593-6725.


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