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DORAL, FL – In 2018, the City Council at the time unanimously voted to put out a referendum so that Doral voters could decide if they wanted to invest in parks. The decision was left to the residents, and 52.7% of residents said “YES” to improving and building parks and recreational facilities. There is a lot that goes into bringing the ambitious vision of world-class parks to reality that, includes conception, design, preconstruction, procurement, and construction. Since the passing of the bond the City of Doral has been working with all the necessary parties and agencies to carry out the multiple projects.


Morgan Levy Park Improvements (Completed)

This project included the removal and replacement of existing flooring, new millwork, painting and the addition of a grease interceptor. The addition of ADA accessible routes to the picnic areas, and transitioning to high-efficiency LED fixtures in the parking area as well as adding and enhancing security cameras.


  • Add more security cameras
  • ADA Accessible routes to picnic BBQs
  • Transitioning to high-efficiency LED light fixtures.


Doral Meadow Park Improvements (Completed) 

The project included enclosing the existing outdoor patio space to provide 800 square feet of indoor recreation area with a new HVAC system. In addition, the existing building renovation included a high-tech conference room, a kitchenette, façade treatments, green walls, an indoor trophy case, modernized bathrooms, and a multi-purpose outdoor plaza.


  • Outfield Baseball Netting
  • New Multi-purpose Room
  • New Kitchenette
  • New Hallway Storage
  • Staff Office
  • Conference Room
  • Large Storage Area
  • Maintenance/Storage Area
  • Men’s Restroom
  • Women’s Restroom


BRAND NEW Doral White Course Park (Completed)

This Park is located at 8429 NW 41st Street in Doral, FL. This new park includes a shaded playground, outdoor fitness stations, a multi-purpose green space area, fenced-off dog area, restrooms, and shelters. The park includes landscape lighting with general overhead and walkway lighting and security cameras. It also features a boardwalk that connects this park to the Downtown Doral area.


  • Putting Green
  • Picnic Shelters
  • Shaded Playground
  • Shaded Seating Areas
  • Outdoor Fitness Plaza
  • Waterfront Events Plaza
  • Fenced Off-Leash Dog Area
  • Multi-Purpose Greenspace
  • Restroom
  • Boardwalk to Downtown Doral
  • Parking Lot


Trails & Tails Park Improvements (Completed)

The project included the installation of additional light fixtures to increase security in the area, replacing existing fixtures, and the addition of lighting to the dog and play areas. The existing small and big dog play areas have had their fences repaired.


  • Increased year around access by adding site-lighting in the entire park facility
  • Fixed fencing in the dog areas



Doral Central Park (Under Construction)



Doral Central Park is located at 3000 NW 87th Avenue and is the flagship project of the Doral Parks Bond.

This 78 acre park will be one of the largest parks in the region and include state-of-the-art amenities like an indoor recreational facility, and aquatics venue with a competition pool, practice swim pool, and recreational splash park area. Outdoor amenities will include walking paths, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, (2) two ballfields, picnic areas and pavilions, skate park and pump track and sensory playscape/nature area. Additional activities that will take advantage of the lake are a wetland trail, canoe/(remove) kayak/ paddle boat launch, lakefront trails, and a lakefront promenade. The park will have a multipurpose lawn to serve as the city’s special-events hub with the addition of an open-air amphitheater.

This exciting project will open in phases. Phase 2/3, currently in progress, will be completed during the first quarter of 2024. This phase consists of completing the final grading, tying in below and above ground utilities, construction of the Amphitheater, nature conservatory, wetlands boardwalk trail, shaded picnic areas, ballfields, multipurpose fields, skate/ pump track and other ancillary support services. This opens up the amenities of the east portion of Doral Central Park.

Phase 4 (the final phase) will be completed during the fourth quarter of 2024. This phase contains all the surface parking lots, and vertical construction components – aquatic venue and indoor recreation building. Additionally, the hardscape and landscaping is more dense in this area of the site along with more intersecting underground utilities. Planning, coordination and sequencing of work will take more time. This opens up the amenities of the west portion of Doral Central Park.

We encourage the community to follow the City of Doral on social media (@cityofdoral) to stay in the know on all updates and news! More information on the Doral Parks Bond can also be found at



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