New School, Old Campus.

By Maria Isabella Paez.

When most 8th graders where excited to finally enter High School and enjoy its activities, football games, dances and more they find out they won’t be going to Ronald Reagan… not full time at least . This year many of the Middle School graduates had a change of sudden change of plans; due to over population in Ronald Reagan/ Doral Senior High School the incoming Freshmen will have to be split between RRDSH and RRDSH South Campus. (located in the building Doral Middle School) They will take their core classes in the South campus, , and their electives in the Main Campus.

This will allow students to attend RRDSH and take full advantage of its programs.

Whether they feel they will be affected by the daily change of class or not it is up to each student and their expectations. For example, Diana Dominguez, a rising freshman commented that even though it will be a hassle to have to change campuses every day, she’ll try to make the best out of her first year experience. She also affirms that she will be going there every other day which will allow her to take full advantage of High School activities, electives, classes and more.

“At first I was kind of disappointed that I still had to go to my old school for the first year but it’s not really a big deal.  It only affects it a little, because id technically be at my middle school, but would still be part of all the high school activities” commented Diana when asked about what she thought. She also affirmed that despite her change she was planning on joining plans and perhaps joining the National Honor Society.

In addition, the staff at Ronal Reagan has done a great job in recreating the Bison Spirit in the third floor of the South Campus. The walls are now blue, gold and green in order to make all the incoming Bison at home.


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