City of Doral Council approved Police Vehicle Redesign

DORAL, FL – City of Doral Council approved Police Vehicle Redesign at its March 14 meeting. The Doral Police Vehicle Redesign Work Group is behind the new look: two-tone black and white, a color traditional to police and a force multiplier with other agencies; City of Doral “Sun Burst” logo visible on rear; prominent DORAL lettering centered on front vehicle doors; and easily identifiable police vehicle numbers to ensure rapid identification from any direction. 

The new vehicle markings included in the redesign, that are part of the recommendations made by the Doral council and work group, will transition from the current vehicle design established in 2013 that, at the same time, transitioned from the original 2008 two-toned blue and white to an all-white police vehicle. 

However, the decision was made because there was an increased need to make the DPD fleet more identifiable for the City of Doral and its residents. The new design eliminates the Doral Police Vehicle from being mistaken with other City vehicles such as Police Service Aides, Park Ranger, Public Works, or Code Compliance Vehicles.

“Last year, in our strategy session, we all agreed that the most important thing for the city was the safety of our residents, for which we wanted to increase police presence, and one of the ways to accomplish that goal was to change the appearance of police vehicles so that they are more identifiable in order to reduce crime and increase police presence,” City of Doral Mayor, Christi Fraga, explained in its social media channels. 

The collaborative effort consisted of over 20 meetings that included:

  • Vehicle Redesign Work Group
  • Police & Traffic Advisory Board Meetings 
  • Fleet Management Meetings
  • Procurement Review Meetings
  • Vehicle Displays at Department Events
  • Council Meeting Presentations

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