Florida bill bans homeless people from sleeping in public places

DORAL, FL – House Bill 1365 was signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday, aiming to ban homeless people from sleeping in public places.

In addition, it also prevents local counties or cities from allowing homeless to stay there, camping or sleeping, unless the state authorizes them to do so.

However, the law specifies that counties can designate specific areas for homeless to camp only if they are first certified by the Department of Children and Families. Such places are required to operate for no longer than a year.

“Ultimately the issue with Spring Break plays into the issue of these homeless encampments,” DeSantis said in a news conference at Santorini by Georgio’s in Miami Beach. “We have to govern this state and our communities with an eye towards what’s in the best interest of the law-abiding citizen … too often people in other states, other cities, they’re not doing well. It’s like they let the inmates run the asylum,” stated the governor, who was joined by local South Florida leaders and representatives while announcing the signing. 

The new measure was received with both criticism and approval. Those who are in the first group think that the bill tackles the problem of having homeless people on the streets but forgets to address the causes of homelessness such as lack of means to survive, mental health problems and drug abuse. 

At the end of the day, say detractors of the bill, people are still going to be living in public places just because they don’t have anywhere else to go, which could ultimately send them to jails. 

On the other hand, individuals that praise the bill said laws of this nature are needed to keep the order and protect residents and businesses even if they are too hard.


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One thought on “Florida bill bans homeless people from sleeping in public places

  • Disappointed but not surprised our Republican governor and legislature has decided the best way to “eliminate” homelessness is to make their lives more miserable instead of allocating the appropriate resources to help remediate the source of the problem to begin with. Disgusting. What a lack of character, lack of empathy, lack of respect for human life from all those involved.

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