Claudia Mariaca – Candidate for City of Doral Mayor


Campaign website:


Current Employment: Councilwoman, City of Doral, elected in 2016, re-elected in 2020


Political Experience:
Councilwoman, City of Doral, elected in 2016, re-elected in 2020

Vice Mayor, City of Doral, 2019 

Miami-Dade County League of Cities, Board Member

Florida League of Cities, Advocacy Committee


What is the most pressing issue facing the city, and how would you propose handling it?

Fortunately, we have low crime, yet keeping our community safe for residents and businesses is my top priority. I will continue to provide our police department with funding and support, enhance prevention programs, and expand youth participation in the streamline of our police force.

Proudly, I proposed taxes to be the lowest in our county (approved), and will keep taxes low. I will also be dedicated to further improve quality of life, working in these areas: city fiscal responsibility, completion of the Parks Bond Projects, getting COVANTA out of Doral, and more roadway projects and transit options to improve traffic.


How will you handle population growth in our city, especially with the recent arrival of illegal immigrants?

Since our city’s foundation, we have experienced a population growth spurt and now have about 80,000 residents. As Mayor, I will ensure that our city further improves efficient services while maintaining our world-class infrastructure. I will continue working and adapting the city budget and staff to population growth that includes immigration and territorial annexations.

I understand the struggles of immigrants. I am honored to be part of organizations that host federal, state, county, and city leaders, and I have open communication with elected officials that have Doral within their constituency. We work together to provide solutions in every time of need.

Do you think the city should increase its police force?

Public safety is at the core of what allows us as individuals to reach for the American Dream, for our economy to thrive, and for our community to blossom. I have spared no doubt voting to allocate over 40% of our city’s budget to our police department to ensure enough officers, equipment, facilities, training, technology, and everything needed for optimum service. I look forward to responsibly continuing expanding our police department. Having completed the citizens police academy and being a frequent participant in ride-alongs, I value the brave job of our officers.

I thank the PBA for their trust and endorsements.


A personal message to voters:

Since 2016, alongside Mayor Bermudez, we restored stability and accountability at our city government. Now, we must PROTECT OUR COMMUNITY from deviating off our path of safety and well-being, safeguarding our residents and businesses from other interests.  As Mayor, I am committed to lead with transparency and efficiency to keep Doral on track. As a mom, a wife, a daughter, and a sister to Doral residents, I remain steadfast in protecting our quality of life from political opportunists who want to return to office for their own personal ambitions. Together, let’s PROTECT OUR COMMUNITY.


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