Haim Otero – Candidate for City of Doral Mayor



Campaign website: Under construction


Current Employment: Main Pastor – Ministerio el Renuevo.


Political Experience:

I do not have political experience, but God gave me the opportunity to serve in my country, Colombia, in the Navy and the Army where I developed leadership as well as I have exercised leadership in companies with very good results. Now, as a Pastor, I continue serving the community that I believe is the most important vocation to be a good public employee.


What is the most pressing issue facing the city, and how would you propose handling it?

We can talk about garbage traffic and other things, but I think that being Doral a family city we have forgotten about recreation and sports since the activities are minimal. We need to create a department in charge of this matter without forgetting our grandparents who are also part of the family.

How will you handle population growth in our city, especially with the recent arrival of illegal immigrants?

We have to create an information center for immigrants as well as work directly with institutions such as churches and other non-profit entities so that they can be of help to these people, remembering that at some point, we could have had immigration problems and if these people have traveled miles risking their lives, it must’ve been for a very strong reason. So, we must be a channel of information and help these people.


Do you think the city should increase its police force?

The city is growing, and it is necessary to increase the number of officers, but I also believe that we need to give greater public recognition to our police, who are one of our greatest columns here in Doral.


A personal message to voters:

Because with your vote, together we will bring change to our city.
I care about my city!!


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