“Innovators of change forum” was a total success.


The Innovators of Change Forum kicked off to a great start last week at the HUBB coworking office, with nearly a hundred people attending what turned out to be a fantastic set of panels and panelists. The topic, “How do we proactively educate our children for better positioning in our new economies and intellectual development?” is one that isn’t talked about often, but at the same time becoming more and more relevant as time passes.

The youth panel, Magda Gelves, Valeria Hansen, Felipe Colon, and Alejandro Touzon answered questions directed from the moderator, Juan P. Casimiro, Founder / Chairman of Casimiro Global Foundation and Creator of “Innovators of Change Forum” at first and then fielded questions from the audience. You could see that some in the audience had underestimated the capacity of the speakers and were caught off guard! Once they were done answering the professional Innovators of Change took the stage. Liz Alacron, the Development Director at The Children’s Movement of Florida. Ken Finneran, Chief Human Resources Officer at National Beverage Corp. Abdellatif Bedier, President and Co-Founder of HUBB Coworking. Christi Fraga, Vice Mayor of City of Doral as usual played a role in the success of Casimiro Global Foundation’s programs and now is eagerly looking to support the HUBB COWORKING model.

The professionals were there to give us all the knowledge that they’ve gathered through their years in their respective fields, while the youth panelists were there to inspire young emerging leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of all fields to develop creative solutions that affect education and the economy.

This event was made possible through Casimiro Global Foundation partners HUBB, City of Doral, National Beverage Corp, Face to Face Languages and the Doral Family Journal. HUBB, located at 9675 NW 117th Ave, Miami, FL 33178 are the largest single floor (16,000) coworking space in Miami Dade County. Unique to HUBB is that they also run miniHUBB a program focused on teaching STEM based subjects to children, such as coding, robotics, and 3D printing. Visit us at www.HUBB.net

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