RMCS Ceremony Follows Successful PP4K After-School Program

Rebeca Puente-Limon


On June 1st, the City of Doral hosted a program completion ceremony at Renaissance Middle Charter school for those who completed to Parks and Police 4 Kids afterschool mentoring program.

This year, 32 students participated in the program that lasted just over 100 days to complete. Throughout the course of the program the kids had the opportunity to work alongside resource officers as well as volunteer teachers for a couple hours each day after school. One hour was spent in the classroom working on their academics such as homework, projects, etc. During the second hour, the students got the chance to engage and participate in different sport activities with the police officers.

This program allows for the students to become comfortable with both the police officers and teachers alike, as they develop a friendly relationship between them in which the children are able to open up about any concerns or curiosities they may have.

“Having the officers involved in the academic part was great! It really motivated the kids and they looked forward to having them help them on it. It also works as a reinforcement for us teachers when the students just really don’t want to do anything. The students loved when the officers would just speak to them about their experiences as an officer,” says an officer participating in the program.   

According to Noel Feliciano, a police officer involved in the program, nothing but positive results have been observed within the kids. “The students and parents like the program. The principal, assistant principal and participating teachers have seen a significant improvement in academics, and social skills,” says Feliciano.

At the end of the program, the students were awarded with a field trip, and were celebrated with a completion ceremony from the PP4K directors, police, and school staff that participated in the program.

This program will continue to thrive, visiting other schools throughout Doral and helping students improve both their academic and social skills.




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