Teen driver informed…

By Dominique Barba.

 Judge, I will not pay for that ticket because I came to this country to be free to not wear a seatbelt. I will not pay to be restraint like animal, I am free!!!’  Awesome quote at Miami courtroom September 6th, 2011.

This comment sparked much laughter when it was placed on Facebook, but for those who attended the workshop SAFE Thursday September 15 at the Auditorium of the College Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High, it was disturbing and even shocking to hear. That day we learned with extreme harshness that ignorance is the cause of the worst suffering and tragedy.

Aware of this reality of the school authorities in conjunction with the PTSA were given the task of organizing an informative workshop about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol as well as the importance of safety belt use. It was also talk about the distractions of texting and cell phone use, all these hazards that many are aware of but don’t care anyways.

Lt. Vincent Easeviole and Lt. Jimenez both presented the workshop. Paramedic Miami Dade County Fire Rescue, photos, videos and personal demonstrations supplemented the information provided. The images were so disturbing that only students at least 14 years might be present, the idea was a reality-based presentation that showed 100% real images with the sole purpose of preventing more disasters. And it’s all common sense, which warns you that if you committed the imprudence of using drugs or drinking alcohol, then do not drive, and say no if you’re going to get into the car of someone who is under the influence. Calling your parents or family members is much more intelligent and safe. Bad decisions can destroy not only your life but many others too.

Safety belts were one of the main topics of the presentation. According to Florida law, belt use is mandatory in each of the occupants of the car (front and back); children under 5 years must have their own car seat. Groceries, bottles, bags, handbags, backpacks, and any object not in the truck, can fly off and injure an occupant during a coalition. In trucks, the networks must ensure the packages. Common sense must prevail to prevent further mishaps.

The reasons for seat belt use in all occupants are mainly 3:

1 – In a crash, seat belts prevent you from being ejected from the car (the chances of dying are 25 times more likely, if you are ejected)

2 – In a crash seatbelts, distribute the force of the blow

3 – In a minor crash, seatbelts help to control the car

 The question is then, why do people decide not wear belts?

Forgetfulness, laziness, inconvenience, haste and ignorance. The physic s laws are very clear, to every action corresponds a reaction,… so why take the risk?

The consequences, death, disability, pain, mental trauma, and so on. We know that 50% of people in this country are paralyzed due to traffic accidents… and that number will increase if people, particularly young people, do not know how to drive safety.

Lt Easeviole gave us an interview:

DFJ: What are your expectations today?

Lt. Easeviole: “Hopefully   we are going to educated people about dangers of making poor choices, when it comes on drinking and driving, drugs uses or getting in a car when someone else in under DIU, also we are going to talk about the dangers of the distracters drivers and not compliances of seatbelts. We also want to take the people to stage and show them what is going to happen in a crash, what we do as the paramedics, the stabilization in the field, etc”.

DFJ : Why do you think is so important to attend this workshop?

Lt.. Easeviole: “It is important for both, students and parents, so they have basically tools in two boxes, so wherever its comes up, a child can call his parents asking them to pick him up because he cannot drive. They will understand better that this honesty will save a life, his life. This phone call is a 1000 times better than a knock on your door telling your family that an accident happened”.

DFJ: Would you share your statistics?

Lt. Easeviole: “Basically is this country, there is a fatality every 12 minutes, every 5 second a motor vehicle crash, so this is the typically we, as the fire rescues, respond. vehicles crash”.

DFJ: “Tell me something about teens”

Lt. Easeviole: “The majority of trauma fatalities are for the age group between 12 -24”.

DFJ: What do you think about a teen having a driving license at 16 or 17?

 Lt. Easeviole: “ It is exactly what it is, a driving privilege, so they need get educated, taking programs like this. Obviously, the younger they are, more ricks they will have”.




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