Transcendent education

By:  Joseangel Dominguez Phd.

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I propose we play a game: let’s suppose we’re on the 25th century and the human species has successfully conquered space. We suddenly find our group of 10 stranded on a remote planet, no other humans in sight. Now you decide, what skills and competencies would you assign each member of the group?

Beyond the technical knowledge (hard skills), it would be paramount to also rely on an array of human skills (soft skills), that together would enable for coexistence, development, well-being, and overall betterment on a social and personal level. Now, aren’t those skills (hard and soft) also applicable for our current times?

At Doral, Shelton Academy is focused on attaining an academic excellence where all these skills can be developed and perfected. 

The groundwork is simple. In a volatile labor market with such a fluid society as the current to adapt is no longer an option but a necessity. The overlapping skill of the 21st century is learnability, defined as learning to learn. Adapting to change in an intuitive manner with ease, is how present-day education should operate. An educational model that transcends, adapts, and learns.

Uncertain times seem to dominate us at the moment, but that is no problem to those that embrace change on the regular.

At Shelton Academy, we continue to grow and mature as we seek excellence. How does one achieve it?

The key is to set an ambitious goal while casting a wide net. This is how we remain ahead of change. With a clear transcendental goal in mind and spirit. One that goes beyond what is immediate and presently available, that’s how you position yourself ahead of the coming changes.        


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