A Better Day Therapy Center is now open in Doral.

Serving the of Needs of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Families

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Autism Spectrum DisorderDORAL, FL – A Better Day Therapy Center, a 501c 3 non-profit organization, was born from the desire to help families who are affected by Autism and Related Disabilities access pragmatic and effective Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy.

Prior to 2010 in the State of Florida, there was no Medicaid or insurance coverage for ABA Therapy. Under Florida Medicaid waiver there was limited coverage which had been slowly cut affecting our patients. We opened the organization to help families access ABA therapy within their available financial constraints.

Autism Speaks successfully introduced legislation in Florida in 2008 for implementation beginning 2010.  A Federal ruling in 2012 secured ABA therapy for all Florida Medicaid recipients under the age of 21.  

Currently, all 50 US states have legislation mandating insurance coverage for individuals with Autism to cover ABA therapy. However, this coverage is still limited and at times come with high deductibles and co-payments or co-insurance.

This is where they can help.  A Better Day Therapy Center has recently opened a state-of-the-art therapy center in the city of Doral. This center primarily provide ABA therapy with its affiliate company New Way Day Services.

Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting of ‘A Better Day Therapy Center’ on last July 11th, 2019

During the summer, A Better Day Therapy Center assisted many families offset summer camp costs by making the center available for their children to come and receive therapy with the summer camp feel. The center is open on days in which schools are closed.

A Better Day Therapy Center provides activities during the day which promote social skills for all at the center no matter the age.

The center is also designed as a shared therapy space for other providers. The shared therapy space is essential to the continuity of care for your patients and to maintain the center’s sustainability. There are spaces which can be leased at reasonable costs.

For more information, or if you would like to help, please call at 305-597-3861; email to info@abetterdaytherapycenter.org

A Better Day Therapy Center is located 9600 NW 25th Street, Suite 1, Doral, FL 33172.


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  • Hello. My name is Christopher. I am a 39 year old man who was diagnosed autistic two years ago. I also have frontal lobe damage and severe PTSD. I live in Volusia county and the only person I found that works with adults charges more then I can afford because I have no income (I have been told I am unemployable). I am trying to find ANY resources that would help me be more connected and less isolated. Right now I play World of Warcraft. But that isn’t enough of a life. I live alone…..I am divorced and my daughter is uncomfortable being around being around me by herself because I’m “weird” and the only other family I have lives hundreds of miles away. I’d like to use the fact that I’m white and a man to advocate for better services and treatment. But I don’t know how. I want to get a PI’s license and help find missing people. But I can’t afford prep classes. I don’t believe I can’t work. I want to go back to school. When I was a child I was abused out of being able to learn. I’m smart but need a lot of hand holding to be successful. I’d like to get a law degree so I can help people like me in court. But I can’t afford school and have gotten taken for several thousand dollars in loans before. I am not useless. But I don’t know how to connect to the world in a way that does that. It is a struggle. I have Medicaid and FoodStamps so I technically have help with medical needs but dealing with the calls and details and appointments and on and on…..I am constantly overwhelmed. Do you know of any place that I can either be of help to (in an advocacy or contributory position) or someone, anyone, that can be some kind of coach or mentor or guide to not being the waste of life that I am?

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