Career Day at the Child Development Center U.S. Southern Command Headquarters in Doral.

Not even the rain can stop Doral Police officials from accomplishing their goals!

By Grecia Romero.

On a windy and wet morning last October 25th, Officials Travieso, Garciga, Cubela and Feliciano visited the Child Development Center at the U.S. Southern Command Headquarters in Doral with the purpose of teaching the pre-school age children about their jobs, what kind of  equipment they use, and basic safety rules.

The curious and vivid audience of 26 children was divided into two groups and they were given the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions like why police officers use dogs or why they use guns, to actually touching and using real handcuffs on their teachers. The children also learned about police uniforms, how to use their radios and they had the opportunity to get a closer view of a real police car. “When the officers handcuffed me, the children helped free us. They enjoyed that because it was hands-on. But their favorite part was when they saw the police car, and sounded the siren and turned on the lights… For those kids that was the highlight of their day,” said Edna Quinones, training specialist, adding that the children were also fascinated with the equipment belts and the walkie-talkies.

“Little children see police officers as Heroes. We want to teach them not to be afraid of us but instead, to show them that we are friends and we are here to help,” said Officer Cubela, head of the initiative. From an educator’s standpoint, these kinds of events are very useful as well. As stated by Denise Gonzalez, CDC Director, “The value of Career Day is for the children to understand why these jobs are important to the community.”

Once again, officers used their own experience as parents and their humor to make the session not only fun but interesting. As usual, they were ahead on prevention teaching these little children safety tricks such as when to call 911 and the importance of not talking to strangers. It was also touching to see how they showed their support by wearing “Pink Badges” during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

“Career Day at the SOUTHCOM Child Development Center was another great example of the partnerships we have with the local community. We want all our children to be safe, confident and active, and the great assistance we get from the Doral community helps make that possible,” said Arthur McQueen, spokesman for U.S. Army Garrison-Miami.

These kinds of services can also be requested by any private company as a way to support the community. As Officer Garciga promised, “We are available whenever we are called.” For more information or a session request, please contact Doral Police Department at (305) 4-POLICE  [476-5423].

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