Change is a good thing 




By: Lhasa Posada 



If you ask a large group of people what some of their fears are, it’s likely you’ll hear a lot of them mention change. In fact, change is a very common fear shared by many. Why do you think that is?

Most people don’t seem to realize that even without small adjustments, and in some cases, major transitions, there can’t be meaningful growth. Otherwise, life might feel as though you were reading a book and got permanently stuck in one chapter.  

The benefits that result from change are often dismissed and replaced with dread. People are afraid to venture outside the parameters of what is known. Though there is nothing wrong with sticking to the normal, you shouldn’t allow it to keep you from seeing improvements in different aspects of your life.

For example, switching to another school that is a better fit is a difficult change, but it is the right move. Seizing unique opportunities and giving up what is familiar can be a scary change, but it is a worthwhile risk. In other words, it’s important to stay focused on goals and accept that change is linked to those goals. New visions and developments, regardless of how small they may seem, can help a person advance.        

Other kinds of changes include those that are presented as challenges. However, the bright side to this type of change is something I have experienced. When new challenges rose up for me, such as splitting my life into two households, it was hard to see envision a positive outcome. But only time and patience enabled me to understand that change led to growth. Since that change in my family structure, I’ve found many benefits along the way, and now see it as something that would be good for my family’s situation. This is a common dilemma for people my age and it can be the type of change that feels really tough. Thankfully, I now see that everything, including difficult changes, really do happen for a reason.       

So, while it is tempting to avoid and fear change, don’t. While a change can feel uncomfortable, it is actually an opportunity for growth and personal development.


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