Christi Fraga and Mara Zapata to compete for District 5 School Board seat

DORAL, FL – Christi Fraga and Mara Zapata are now heading to November’s runoff for a School Board seat after a tight race on August 18 Primary Elections.

Both candidates were competing for a seat in Miami-Dade County School Board on representation of District 5 to succeed Susie Castillo’s former seat that envelops Doral and Miami Springs.

Christi Fraga, Doral’s Vice Mayor, won 38.75% of the vote, totaling 13,220 votes with 79 out of 93 precincts reporting, while Mara Zapata, won 38.66% of the vote, or 13,187 ballots.

“We’re very encouraged…We feel extremely thankful, humbled with the community for showing up to vote,” said Fraga as reported by the Miami Herald. 

This leaves behind former contenders for the position, Jaime Petralanda, Miami Springs councilman, who won 8.88% of the vote, or 3,029 votes, and Michel Diaz Suarez who won 13.71% of the vote, or 4,678 ballots.

Since none of the candidates obtained 50% plus one vote on August 18, Fraga and Zapata are now scheduled to compete in Nov. 3 runoff election when voters will decide the final winner.

The role of a School Board Member is a very important one because he or she participates in creating the right path for children to be educated, protected and prepared for the future. In addition, members also oversee the awarding of contracts to local and minority businesses. 

Each of the nine board members serves a four-year term and has an equal vote on all matters related to the district and discussed by the board. 

The School Board of Miami-Dade County controls a $5 billion budget and oversees 392 schools, 345,000 students and 40,000 employees.

Christi Fraga and Mara Zapata are in a very tight race for the Miami-Dade school board seat that includes two municipalities where they have already served as elected officials. Fraga as Vice Mayor of Doral and council member, and Zapata as a former Vice Mayor of Miami Springs.

One thought on “Christi Fraga and Mara Zapata to compete for District 5 School Board seat

  • Going by the amount of votes cast , its not even a drop in the bucket compared to how many people in Miami are citizens who can vote but I am no longer surprised by such apathy .

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