City of Doral council removes fines due to traffic light cameras

DORAL, FL – City of Doral council decided to approve a measure against continue giving fines due to traffic light cameras located at four city intersections. 

This new decision means drivers passing by 87th Avenue and 36th Street, 79th Avenue and 36th Street, 97th Avenue and 41st Street, and 107th Avenue and 41st Street intersections won’t be fined anymore starting June 20th.  

The fines system of the city related with infractions spotted at traffic light cameras was implemented in September 2017, but after an in-depth analysis, city authorities were able to determine it has caused more harm than good, specially at those four intersections, since most drivers pull off the brakes too fast, which results in getting bumped by the car behind.

Nevertheless, it should be clarified cameras will still be seen and drivers will continue getting fined from now up until June 19th. 

One thought on “City of Doral council removes fines due to traffic light cameras

  • I drive speed limit , do not text nor look at videos while driving , come to a full stop at red lights before making a right . Do I belong in Miami ?

    Lol , actually most people here are safe drivers but you have what I call the 20 percent who are lethal but even then I was against red light cameras .

    I would like to see a police dept which did not ignore drivers who text and run red lights when they have been red for seconds . I work at night just got home and do not get me started on drunk drivers weekends after 1 am .

    In other words actual patrolling because the population here grows daily and a real police dept would go a long way as the bad drivers do this with impunity .

    My parents live further North in the state and do not even think of texting as you drive but Miami and Broward are a free for all .

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