City of Doral Receives $1million Grant for Bikeway Project.

Doral, FL- The City of Doral has been selected to receive $1 million dollars in funding from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for Fiscal Year 2015.  The grant was received through the Transportation Enhancement Program provided by the Miami-Dade County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). All projects awarded contribute to the enhancement of an area identified for improvement or for the construction of new infrastructure to provide safe alternative modes of travel with social and environmental benefits.  The project proposed by Doral’s Public Works Department was the On-Street Bikeway Project as part of the adopted Bikeway Network Plan for Doral.

“The City is very pleased to have been awarded this grant and we are grateful to the State of Florida for supporting our Bikeway Network Plan,” said JC Bermudez, Mayor of Doral. “This is a testament to our commitment to make Doral the best place to live, learn, work and play,” he added.

The implementation of this plan will contribute to having a fully connected network of bike lanes and multipurpose trails around the City by retrofitting the existing right-of-way to accommodate on-street bike travel lanes, and improve connectivity with other transportation modes including pedestrian and public transportation such as the Trolley and Metrorail.

“This project will help the City to provide safer opportunities for cyclists as we continue to promote healthy lifestyles and our green initiative,” said Mark Taxis, Assistant City Manager.

For additional information, please contact City of Doral Public Works Department at 305.593.6740 or via e-mail at

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