City of Doral was recognized as one of the healthiest employers of 2020

DORAL, FL – South Florida Business Journal recognized City of Doral as one of the healthiest employers of 2020 for their wellness program that focuses on outreach and education. 

According to the journal, City of Doral earned this recognition for covering all aspects of well-being within the organization and providing its 382 employees the opportunity to reach their wellness goal. 

The Wellness Challenge weight-loss program has been the tool to do so. This is a 10-week program in which participants get involved in weekly challenges to reach their own wellness goals.

Through different activities such as participating in a 5K and a group exercise, keeping a food diary, attending ‘lunch-and-learns’, taking a financial wellness class or learning about insurance coverage and billing, each participant works consistently to provide wellness to its mind, body and soul. 

About the insurance education portion of the program, the main purpose is “to educate employees so they can utilize their insurance benefits to the best of their abilities,” reads the article made by SFBJ.

In addition, every week participants weigh-in and set and accomplish a personal goal helped by wellness ambassadors within the organization that are in each department.

City of Doral has told South Florida Business Journal that the key to its success lies in the fact that many people want to be part of the program to the point that sometimes not everyone is able to get a spot. “When we see a program growing in popularity, we know that the program is success,” said a spokesperson of the city.

“We strive to have a well-balanced wellness program…by providing a competitive and rich benefit program, we aim to enhance wellness programs so that all employees can participate.”


*Photo taken prior to COVID-19

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