Congress approves Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan, help is on the way

DORAL, FL – COVID-19 stimulus checks are on their way now that the House of Representatives approved President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan. 

The bill was signed into law by President Biden on Thursday afternoon. “This historic legislation is about rebuilding the backbone of this country,” Biden said as he signed the bill in the Oval Office, reported Sun Suntinel. 

The COVID-19 relief plan approved and signed will directly benefit the pockets of some Americans that will receive up to $1,400 stimulus checks. In addition, the package also includes pandemic unemployment benefits, billions of dollars in aid to states and municipalities and expanded tax credits over the next year for children, child care and family leave. 

“This bill represents a historic, historic victory for the American people… Everything in the American Rescue Plan addresses a real need – including investments to fund our entire vaccination effort. More vaccines, more vaccinators and more vaccination sites,” Biden said, as reported by CNN. 

And when can Americans expect to receive their COVID-19 stimulus checks? According to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who together with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the bill on Capitol Hill, this will likely to happen as soon as this month. 

“What do we say to America? Help is on the way. Help is on the way. You’ll receive $1,400 checks by the end of March,” he said. But some people could see the stimulus checks in their bank accounts this weekend. 

The Senate leader also praised the bill arguing is “one of the most consequential pieces of legislation we have passed in decades,” as cited in the CNN report. 

Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, was grateful with President Biden and several other lawmakers in both the House and Senate. 

“President Biden’s vision and his determination were so apparent to the American people and the reason why this legislation enjoys this support of 75% of the American people in a strong bipartisan way across the country,” Pelosi said. “We thank him for his leadership and also for his contribution to the substance of the legislation as well as his signature when that comes.”

“Who knows what the future may bring, but nonetheless on this day we celebrate because we are honoring a promise made by our President and as we join with him in promising that help is on the way,” Pelosi added.

To learn if you qualify to receive the stimulus checks, click here



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