Coronavirus Antibody Testing will be offered at Hard Rock Stadium

DORAL, FL – Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Wednesday that a new testing location at Hard Rock Stadium will offer coronavirus antibody testing. 

Screening patients for antibodies can reveal if a person has had the virus somewhere in time without showing symptoms, which ultimately would make that person immune to the disease.

“People that have had the disease, their body will generate antibodies to fight it…We do believe, I think most people believe, that it will confer a certain level of immunity,” said the Governor during his intervention.

Those who have developed antibodies will be able to donate plasma to help patients fight the virus, although the plan is to offer coronavirus antibody testing in phases.

During the first phase starting this week, only first responders and health care workers will be tested for the antibodies. Later in time, testing will be expanded to the general public.

With a pin stick and two drops of blood put on a slide, the new testing will tell people in a time frame of 15-minute whether they have ever been exposed to the virus or not.

Hard Rock Stadium will administer 500 antibody tests per day and 3,500 a week to start, while there are plans to add the antibody testing to locations in Orange County and Jacksonville.

Gov. Ron DeSantis also stated during his intervention that the state is studying the possibility of testing blood donations for the coronavirus antibodies.

“That’s a way to get a pretty powerful snapshot of data about how widespread antibodies are throughout the state of Florida,” DeSantis said.

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