Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz recognizes Youth’s Valor.

Sandra Ruiz


Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz recognized the valor and quick thinking of two (2) Doral youths during the December City Council Meeting.

Maximiliano Andres Borges Verges and Edgar Garcia leaped into action on the night of November 15th when a vehicle veered onto oncoming traffic and created a three (3) car disaster. The two (2) young men rushed to the scene and saw a car in flames. Thinking only of the victims inside the car, they braved the fire and pulled everyone to safety. “We always look to our youth and expect them to do the right things in life.

In this case, these young men not only went above and beyond, but they displayed a boldness and determination in a selfless act to preserve life. Through their example this generation will be in a much bette place” – Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz.

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