Digna Cabral Reelected By Landslide to Doral Council.

Runoff will decide City of Doral Mayor and Seats 1 and 2

By: Maria Alejandra Pulgar


A total of 14,731 Doral electors voted, either in person or through mail-in ballots, to voice their choice in a tight race since the beginning. As a result, only one of the four Council Seats up for grabs was decided this Tuesday, November 8th.

Digna Cabral was reelected with 58.57% of the votes (8,216) over Juan Carlos Esquivel, who obtained 41.43% (5,812 votes).

The campaign will continue for one more month to help electors decide who will be Mayor and who will occupy Council Seats #1 and #2, given that none of the candidates in those races obtained the 50%+1 needed to call the election.

In the Mayoral race, Christi Fraga got 5,995 votes (40.70%), whereas Claudia Mariaca obtained 4,487 votes (30.46%), Pete Cabrera 3,989 votes (27.08%), and Haim Otero 260 votes (1.76%). The December runoff election between Fraga and Mariaca will define who will lead the City for the next two years.

The candidates who move on to the run-off election for seat #1 are Susie Castillo, who received 6,100 votes (43.49%), and Rafael Pineyro 4,568 (32.57%). Frank Gamez obtained 1,472 votes and Carlos Pereira 1,887.

Seat 2 will also be defined in December between Ivette Gonzalez-Petkovich, who received 6,004 votes (43.20%), and Maureen Porras, who got 5,301 (38.14%). The third candidate, Juan Manuel Sucre, obtained 2,593 votes (18.66%).

The race for a seat to serve in the Doral Council is not over yet; electors should make plans ahead to participate in the run-off this December 13th. Mail-in ballots can be requested up to 10 days before Election Day.

The results of this election will completely reshape the Council for the upcoming years. It is not a decision to be made lightly. Community participation is of utmost importance, and voting is a right and duty that all Doral residents should exercise to influence the decisions that impact the lives of everyone in the City.

The new Doral Council will be sworn-in after the run-off elections in the last Council Meeting of 2022 scheduled for December 21st.


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