Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot set to reopen on July 15

DORAL, FL – Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot will be opening its doors on July 15 , four days after Florida’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Park open too after closing in March due to the pandemic.

Disney officials confirmed strict safety measures will be followed to prevent visitors from spreading the novel coronavirus. 

These measures include limiting the number of people who can enter the parks, temperature checks at the gate, face coverings for people 2 and older and for cast members, as well as increased cleaning and disinfecting so that everyone can enjoy Disney World in a safety manner. 

CBS Miami reported in an article, people need to have a park reservation even if they hold an annual pass and only tickets purchased before the pandemic are being honored, which means no new tickets are being sold for 2020 currently.

“While COVID-19, and the risk of contracting it, is present in public places, there are many important ways that we can all help promote each other’s safety,” said Disney’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pamela Hymel in a statement released Tuesday.

One way to do so is to avoid going to a theme park if you are in a high-risk group, are an elderly or have underlying health conditions.

For people who are not under those groups, according to Governor Ron DeSantis theme parks are safe to go which is why he approved Disney’s reopening plans.

At a news conference on Monday, he praised the safety plans Disney has lined up. He also stated Universal Orlando, which reopened on June 5, “is doing a great job” and that he believes visiting a Florida theme park “would be safer than going to a large private gathering”.

But not everyone thinks the same. Some Disney World workers have signed a petition asking Disney to delay Walt Disney World’s reopening due to Florida’s rising coronavirus cases.

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