Doral Academy placed 9th in the state at Mu Alpha Theta math convention


Doral academy

Doral Academy Charter High School math team competed at the State level at the annual Mu Alpha Theta Convention held in Orlando, and won 31 awards during the event.  Overall, they placed 9th in the state, beating all schools from Miami Dade County. 

Their group effort earned them an 8th place trophy on the Interschool test and a 7th place on poster.

The Theta Team placed 7th (Pedro Contipelli, Karanveer Sandhu, Tomas Alvarez, Douglas Shu); Calculus Team 10th (Mariam Cruz, Franco Vera, Vivek Brahmatewari, Felipe Contipelli);  and Computer Team 6th (Bradley Ramunas, Pedro Contipelli, Jesus Nuñez).

Seniors Liliet Sosa, Ana Guimaraes, and Mariam Cruz accept the 9th place sweepstakes award for Doral Academy Charter.
Seniors Liliet Sosa, Ana Guimaraes, and Mariam Cruz accept the 9th place sweepstakes award for Doral Academy Charter.

The following students won three awards each: Douglas Shu (15th in Theta Individuals, 5th in Theta Functions, 15th in Ciphering); Carolina Mora (23rd in Alpha Individuals, 10th, Alpha Applications, and 17th, Trigonometry).

These students won two awards each:  Franco Vera placed 15th in Integration, 15th in Area & Volume;  Carlos Estrada placed 10th in Geometry and 11th in Quadrilaterals ; Felipe Contipelli placed 10th in BC Calculus and 7th in Sequences & Series; Tomas Alvarez placed 6th in Logs & Exponents and 25th in Theta Individuals; Amanda Fernandez placed 12th in Analytic Geometry and 19th in Complex Numbers; Pedro Contipelli placed 14th in Theta Functions and 19th in Geometry.

Also winning individual trophies were Vivek Brahmatewari placed 15th in Limits & Derivatives; Karanveer Sandhu placed 12th in Equations & Inequalities; Daniela Hernandez placed 12th in Geometry; and Liliana Sosa, placed 17th in Logs & Exponents.

In addition to these awards, sophomore Crystal Zhang submitted a design for official state T-shirt which was chosen as the winner.  Her design was used on the convention shirt, program and all test materials.

Two students were given Squirty Chicken awards for their consistently high performance throughout the three month competition season.  Anirudh Rahul placed 3rd and Ethan Partidas 4th out of all participants from all schools throughout the state in their division.

They will compete at Nationals in St. Louis in July. 

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