Doral Family Journal hosts Healthcare forum at MDC West Campus

DORAL, FL – The Healthcare system and its many challenges and improvement opportunities was the main topic during the most recent forum held at Miami Dade College West Campus.

Organized by Doral Family Journal, the event gathered healthcare professionals and companies, leaders at the state level, City of Doral elected officials, and residents to discuss the evolution of the healthcare system in Florida with a focus on Adult Day Care.

Among the discussion points tackled by the participant panelists, the main ones were how to provide quality of care to senior citizens, the economic impact for families and society of providing affordable care for the elderly, and the efforts conducted by the state to bring effective solutions to some issues like reimbursement rates, transportation, and insurances.

“Half of the adult day cares in Florida are in Miami-Dade,” State Representative Alex Rizo said during the forum. 

Along his side were also Florida State Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, State Representatives Alina Garcia and Juan Carlos Porras, Commissioner René García, Government Relations expert David T. Caserta, and the Board of Directors’ Vice President of FADSA (Florida Adult Day Services Association), Jason Abdala, who was also the master of ceremonies throughout the event. 

They all agreed there is a need for more consistency within the system in order to provide the best resources to MCO’s which ultimately will result in improving the service received by senior adults and their families that need the peace of mind that comes with having their parents and grandparents well taken care of while they go to work. 

In addition, panelists also highlighted the importance of people and Adult Day Care providers of calling their representatives to let them know what issues they are seeing and of having more public and private partnerships, while they stated there has to be some changes to protect the elderly from scourges like fraud in the healthcare system and more efforts need to be conducted to transform the overall mentality around senior citizens since we are all going to hold that title one day. 

Also present in the forum were City of Doral Mayor Christi Fraga, Councilwoman Maureen Porras, West Campus President Dr. Beverly Moore-Garcia, and Director Community Engagement and Growth of Miami Dade College Marilyn del Orbe Silva.

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