Doral Inaugurates NW 102 Ave Connection


102 City of Doral

Doral, FL – The Doral City Council with Lennar and Terra Group, inaugurated the NW 102 Ave connecting NW 74th St and NW 90th St. This new segment of road, developed at no cost to the city, is part of an agreement with the two developers, as part of a City requirement to complete their traffic grids to the existing public road system.

This new roadway will enhance connectivity for hundreds of area residents in the Grand Bay (North and South) and Doral Common communities. Additionally, it will reduce congestion on NW 107th Avenue and improve safe sidewalks pedestrians.

“This is part of the City’s Traffic Solution Triangle of connecting our roads to provide alternative routes and alleviate traffic. Public-private partnerships like this one helps us do so in a cost effective manner with no use of tax payer funds,” said Mayor Luigi Boria.

The mile-long connection includes features like new drainage system, guardrail, sidewalks, pavement markings and signage.


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