Doral Installs Aden Perry Hero Life Rings to Make Parks Safer

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Doral, a rapidly growing and family-oriented city, has scenic lakes contributing to its beauty. However, these bodies of water pose potential threats, especially for curious children, non-swimmers, and car accident victims.

At the January Council meeting, Councilman Pineyro proposed a proactive measure to address potential water-related emergencies by advocating for the installation of rescue rings near lakes and bodies of water in our city. Today is a fact!

In an effort to ensure the safety of residents and visitors, the City of Doral unveiled the “Aden Perry Hero” Life Ring at Doral Glades Park on May 6th.

This human safety initiative aims to make Doral parks with access to lakes safer for the community.

The Coast Guard-regulated rescue rings are attached to a rope and are meant to allow anyone in the public to assist during a potential water emergency without needing to enter the water themselves.

Additionally, each station will feature clear instructions and essential resources, including a prominent lifesaving message: “THROW, DON’T GO!”. It is a known fact that even the best swimmer can be drowned by a person in distress in the water.

Florida currently holds the unfortunate distinction of ranking second in the United States for the highest number of aquatic drownings among children. The gravity of this situation is underscored by the fact that these tragic deaths continue to escalate.

On April 20, 2022, a profoundly tragic incident unfolded. Aden Perry, a 17-year-old high school student, lost his life while attempting to rescue a teenage driver who accidentally plunged his car into a Sunrise Lake. Aden, who was walking his dog with his mom, witnessed the accident and promptly called 911. After handing his phone to his mom, he bravely entered the water to save the driver. Sadly, both young men drowned.

In response to this heartbreaking event, Aden’s mother, Sarah Perry, initiated the Aden Perry Good Samaritan and Scholarship Fund. The foundation’s mission is to honor Aden’s memory by donating and installing rescue rings near bodies of water, with the hope of preventing others from suffering a fate similar to her son’s.

Aden was later honored with the Carnegie Hero Fund Medal, North America’s highest honor for civilian heroism.

Thanks to this initiative, a life ring station will be installed in all Doral parks with lakes. These are the first installations in Miami-Dade County.

The benefits of life-saving rescue rings are evident in their capacity to deliver prompt responses, elevate safety standards, and foster a culture of readiness.


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