Doral sees a decrease in crime rates.

The crimes that showed the most significant reduction during 2023 were human trafficking, scams through bank transfers, and fraud.


By: Edda Pujadas

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The Doral Police Department reported a 12% reduction in crime rates for 2023. The department initiated its ‘Zero Tolerance for Crime’ campaign, reinforcing the presence of officers on the streets and focusing on preventive measures.

Doral Police Chief Edwin Lopez

Doral Police Chief Edwin Lopez announced these results, citing National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) statistics. He emphasized that Doral experienced the most significant crime reduction in its history, comparing 2022 to the recently concluded 2023, with expectations for further improvement in 2024.

Breaking down the reduced crimes, Chief López highlighted a 50% decrease in human trafficking, stating, ‘Being centrally located in Miami Dade County, near Miami International Airport, with extensive hotel areas and quick access to major highways, human trafficking is a significant concern. Achieving a 50% reduction is a significant accomplishment for us.’

Other notable reductions include:

A 48% decrease in bank transfer scams.

A 40% drop in fraud and theft.

A 27% decrease in robberies.

A 25% reduction in vandalism.

A 19% decline in aggravated assaults during 2023.


Further decreases were observed in vehicle theft (10%), violations related to carrying or using weapons (26%), and drug-related crimes (3%).

Doral’s Police chief attributed these successful results to increased police visibility on the streets. ‘We utilized our trained personnel from office duties to enhance patrolling. We have and will continue to deploy more uniformed officers and undercover agents.’

Highlighting the 2023 achievements, López emphasized the Doral Police Department’s goal of prevention. ‘While we act according to legal procedures after a crime, our true objective is to prevent crime. The presence of officers on every street in our city is crucial.’

Lopez praised the efforts of all officers and thanked the community for their support, urging continued collaboration. He addressed concerns about policing, saying, ‘We understand that many Doral residents come from countries where policing is undervalued or discredited due to corruption, but that’s not our case. We are here to work with and protect every community member, regardless of their immigration status.’

Regarding community involvement, López highlighted the ‘CONNECT DORAL’ security program, encouraging residents to register their security cameras with the Doral Police Department. This program enhances community security, allowing investigators access to video evidence if an incident occurs.

The department also emphasizes ‘Zero Tolerance’ for traffic violations and rigorous enforcement of fines for improper parking in disabled spots or blocking traffic flow.

Work in schools is another of the pillars of the Doral Police. “The student population in our city is quite large, so in addition to having an agent assigned to each educational institution, we rotate two to three agents a day, according to the needs of each school, to help with traffic and connect with students.”

Lopez announced a new addition to the K-9 Unit, a specially trained dog capable of detecting weapons, adding to efforts to ensure safety in 2024.


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  • ” and rigorous enforcement of fines for improper parking in disabled spots ”

    Abused in Miami but it is getting better in Doral , most of Miami it is ignored by police .

    Unfortunately MANY use their parent / grandparent tag which is illegal but nohing police can do about that.

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