At the May 10th 2017 Council meeting, Councilwoman Christi Fraga requested that the City of Doral Mayor and Council recognize students from Ronald W. Reagan/Doral and Doral Academy Preparatory who had been nominated by their schools for the Miami Herald’s Silver Knight Awards. The Awards were instituted in 1959 by John S. Knight, past publisher of the Miami Herald, and are one of the nation’s most highly regarded graduating senior awards. The Silver Knights were created to recognize Miami-Dade and Broward County’s most outstanding graduating seniors who have not only achieved exceptional academic success, but who have also exhibited independent thinking, creative problem solving, leadership, and perseverance. However, perhaps the most vital qualification of a Silver Knight nominee is that they must have also applied their acquired knowledge as well as their special talents to contribute significant service to their schools and communities.

“I cannot be any more honored to recognize these exceptional “young women,” whose stories have touched my heart, and who have given me the hope that they will be the “next generation leaders” who will not only work hard at serving their communities, but who will also keep our city, our state, and even our country moving in the right direction,” said Councilwoman Fraga.

Eleven (11) young women were nominated from Ronald W. Reagan/Doral. They were joined by family, and their Principal Juan Carlos Boue. The nominees from Ronald W. Reagan /Doral were: Valeria Baduell- Business, Valentina Baptiste- General Scholarship, Carolina Escamilla- Music and Dance, Juliet Fernandez-Social Science, Lara Keresztes- Speech, Nichole Lopez- Math, Andrea Merino- Digital and Interactive Media, Leslie Purvis- Science, Isabel Rios-Pulgar- Vocational/Technical, Isabel Rodriguez- World Languages, and Rhiana Suarez- English and Literature.

Eight (8) young women were nominated from Doral Academy Preparatory and they were accompanied by their Vice Principal Yvette Tamargo and their Silver Knight Coordinator Cassandra Montenegro. The nominees from Doral Academy Preparatory were: Kristyanne Cabrera- Journalism, Katherine De Jesus- General Scholarship, Kimberly De Jesus- Vocational/Technical, Nathaly Gonzalez- Social Science, Jillian Herrera- World Languages, Alexis Howard- Digital and Interactive Media, Maria Samboni- Music and Dance, and Jocelyn Triana- Art.

Nominees from all schools have already appeared on March 15th and April 4th, 2017 to be interviewed by a panel of independent judges. Each panel of judges selected one Silver Knight and three Honorable Mentions in each category. Names are not revealed until the Silver Knight Awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 at the Silver Knight Awards Ceremony, at the James L. Knight Center between 7:00PM- 9:00PM. Silver Knights winners receive $2,000, a Silver Knight statue and a medallion presented by American Airlines. The three Honorable Mentions are presented $500 and an engraved plaque. We wish all of the nominees from Ronald W. Reagan/Doral and Doral Academy Preparatory the best of luck at this prestigious ceremony.

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