Dr. Elena Ortega-Tauler.

“Taking Doral to the Next Level of Prosperity”

By: Devorah Sasha and Grecia Romero.

As a proud president of a Law Firm for more than 24 years, Elena Ortega-Tauler is an energetic woman.  Being a mother of five has given her a unique view of an ideal future. She is very committed to “take Doral to the next level of prosperity”.

Taking to Elena is a very pleasant experience, her soft voice makes people feel comfortable despite the busy and dynamic environment of her law firm surrounded by kind employees all wearing a t-shirt of Dr. Ortega-Tauler’s campaing. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time to realize her values and motivations. She is very positive, honest, spiritual and open minded.

Tauler was born in a small town called Las Villas, Sagua la Grande, Cuba. Being still a little child, her parents had to make the hard but necessary decision to take the risk for a better future. “I remember that one of my parent’s biggest problems was getting out of Cuba to give us freedom. Cuba is an example of people blindly going after someone that made a lot of promises but had really nothing to offer”. Elena came to U.S.A with her father and her sister leaving her mother behind. Even though that situation wasn’t easy, her father was determined to play the role with love and care raising his daughters with positive attitude and happiness. “One of my dearly memories as a child was going to Caibarien with my dad to eat local sea food in the streets” she recalls melancholically.

Being raised without her mom made her a strong and courageous woman. She learned from very young to adapt to different situations and follow her heart. Elena spent all her childhood in California and moved to Miami when she was 16 years old. Immediately after she arrived, she continued her studies at Miami Springs High School. No matter how hard it could be, she had the goal to help her mother to leave Cuba someday so she did at the age of 20. “My mom went first to Spain and I had to work to support her when I was in College but she could finally arrive to United States. She passed away a few years ago. Those years were tough, but made me stronger”.

Elena graduated from University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in 1985 and Doctor of Law in 1988. She became a Lawyer because of her passion for finding answers which has been a key factor in her career. She is a problem solver, a leader, a teacher, and a fighter. “When you look for an answer to try to find the truth, you cannot be intimidated by other people” she says. She established her own business 24 years ago and now she has a very successful and well-known Law Firm mainly oriented to immigration, housing and business.

She is married with five kids: three girls and two boys who are her “biggest blessing and greatest accomplishment”. She is also devoted Christian which could be one of the key factors for her positive attitude to deal with her day to day activities: “today is always a better day”. She describes herself as a caring person, hard working and a peace maker. As her career requires, she is constantly searching for the best way to solve problems and believe that mistakes are chances to learn.

Public Services and Interest for the Community

Elena Ortega-Tauler has been a volunteer and sponsor at different non-profit organizations mainly focused on families and communities. She actively involves herself in activities that relieve poverty and injustice, providing educational and medical resources and ensuring protection of religious liberties.  Her personal experiences in life have made her being more sensitive to getting involved in different activities in the community. 

As a fighter, she wants to use her talents and time to serve those who are in need, not only with existing problems but creating a better future. Here is where her call comes from. As a resident of City of Doral for more than 11 years, she wants to apply her business experience, her skills and ideas to “take Doral to the next step of peace and prosperity”. She confess being new at politics but she is an expert on the necessary “fresh new perspective” to be the successful team player this city needs; the “job-done-type of person”.

Her idea of Doral in the future

Elena knows that a City is neither a corporation nor a company but she considers that her business experience will be crucial in her public service.  Being a lawyer having to deal with different problems of common residents of this community made her realized that unity is very necessary in a city with great diversity. “These elections are very important. People should take into consideration who they are voting for. Doral needs people with vision, professional and personal achievements, commitment, leadership, problem-solvers and management skills”.

She is determined to attend important issues: City Government Responsibility, Business and Capital, Community Safety, Lower Taxes, Reduce Traffic and Arts and Culture. She also considers that economic growth and education are very important factors as “Doral is a city with a lot of future”. She wants to work with the community inviting business leaders to get involved in schools programs with talks, as volunteer, offering internships, opening their businesses’ doors for children to see their environments to motivate the youth to become professionals.

“Every day we have an opportunity to make a change in somebody’s life whether is a child, a friend or a stranger. I want to have the opportunity to be the change for Doral”, said Ortega-Tauler.




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