Envisioning your future in 2022


by Lucy Gonzalez


Is this the year you’re going to take the trip you’ve put off for years? Or maybe you’ll finally get a perfect job, or get into your dream college. Can you see it? Walking into 2022, one thing is certain: you must believe it to receive it.

The new year is about setting goals and reaching them with hard work and determination. It can be a year full of new habits while leaving old ones behind. The possibilities are endless once you manifest the good things that can happen. By envisioning what you want in the future, you create a positive space for change and growth.

What you manifest and put out into the world is what you receive, so make sure that you think big! Many times, as a new year begins, we tend to make resolutions that don’t come to fruition. One way to positively manifest your future is by creating a vision board.

A vision board is a visual representation with pictures and words that depict what you want to attract in your life. It is a creative activity you can use as a motivational reminder that holds you accountable for your efforts. This board can be filled with images of anything you want to do or accomplish in the new year. If you want to make some money this year, don’t be shy to add pictures of dollar bills to your board. If you want to buy a house or car, post a picture on your board.

No matter how large or unlikely your dream put it out into the universe and hope for the best! As you kick off 2022, envision your accomplishments. January is all about a positive and healthy mindset, and the possibility of dreams becoming a reality!



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