Florida is responsible for about one in five new COVID-19 cases nationally

DORAL, FL – The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday 17,589 new COVID-19 cases and 56 deaths as of Wednesday July 28 in Florida. Now the state is said to be responsible for about one in five new cases reported nationally on Wednesday. 

The total death toll at a national level was 397, which means Florida accounts for 14% of the total deaths reported. Meanwhile, in Miami-Dade County the percent positivity rate has risen past 10%.

Regarding hospitalizations, in South Florida once again there’s an uptick in COVID patients, this time said to be in younger and unvaccinated. In the rest of the state, hospital admissions of coronavirus patients are also rising with at least two areas in the state surpassing previous peaks reached during last summer’s surge.

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 was 8,907 as of Thursday, According to the Florida Hospital Association.

The new data in the face of the highly contagious delta variant led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to review their mask requirements this week while the government issued a recommendation to wear face masks at least while at indoor public spaces, specially if they are considered to be of “substantial or high” transmission.

Companies and organizations are already starting to review their face masks mandates such as Miami-Dade Public Schools pending to make a decision regarding the use of facial coverings within classrooms for the next school year and Publix that recently announced it will require employees to wear face masks starting August 2.

As far as vaccination goes, which has been reported to be the best way to avoid the spread of the new variant and increase COVID-19 cases, 48.7% of the state’s population was fully vaccinated as of Wednesday, placing Florida just below the 49.4% national average.

Also, according to a CDC report, 405,968 COVID-19 vaccine doses had been administered to residents and staff members in Florida assisted living facilities and nursing homes as of Wednesday.


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One thought on “Florida is responsible for about one in five new COVID-19 cases nationally

  • I am vaccinated and everyone in my extended Miami family is but I do know a lot of people who refuse to vaccinate .

    As far as wearing the mask , Miami might be the ONLY place in Florida where most by choice wear the mask in stores , etc .

    If you go to Key West and you see one person out of 100 wearing the mask , it’s a lot and further north in the state it’s same .

    When Miami had mask mandates ( rarely enforced outside of Doral ) plenty would leave Miami , not wear the mask then just return to Miami infected .

    My cousin had the virus 2x in course of think 7 months and he frequents Key West with no mask , pretty sure he got it there in crowded establishments .

    He is now vaccinated .

    I wear the mask in stores but I do not feel it should not be mandated by the government , let individual businesses decide and in truth its impossible to enforce and feel bad for employees who are expected to enforce this .

    The local government mandates it , some poor employee now has to risk their neck trying to enforce this and most police have no interest in enforcing this , getting involved so that poor employee is doomed .

    Miami is also a tourist area and countless flights back / forth from all over Latin America , are we going to stop that and I would think that these 2 reasons are the main cause of the count in Miami .

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