For the second time, Doral Family Journal awards students and teachers from EBT k-8 Center.

This past November 10th, during the early hours, Doral Family Journal and its advertisements: Oh!Sushi, Maison Gourmet, Aquarius Beauty Salon & Spa,  B & W Beauty and Wellness, Soccer Academy of the Americas (Real Madrid) and Doral Hyundai…, once again recognized the 47 students who put the most effort and 10 teachers for their labor at Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center.

Ms. Celia Fernandez, was very diligent when it comes to organizing and directing the event in which parents attended as well.

The students recognized this month were:

First Grade: Carlos V. Escalara, Stephanie Perez, Sebastian Montano, Jose Kellemen, Sebastian Benavides, Maria Daniela Arevalo, Agustina Hisas, Mateo Serna, Marco Hernandez

Second Grade: Isabella Jimenez, Leire Garrogarricaechevarria, Carla Mendez, Kamille Santiago, Ace Svoboda, Tomas Salinas

Third Grade:  Lorena De Sousa, Stephanie Rondon, Emily Lendof, Andres Borregales, Jaewon Lee, Alicia Gonzalez, Ryan Boutros, Arturo Meza, Carlos E. Perez, Diana Murillo-Lozano

Fourth Grade: Camila Garcia, Constanza Corral, Marianna Sanchez, Beatriz Albuquerque, Kayla Edouard, Diego Abreu, Daniel Lugo, Ishanee Borde, Chrisopher Alba-Mendez

Fifth Grade: Santiago Galarraga, Yulianna Serna, Michael Svoboda, Briana Medina, Daniel Contreras, Tatiana Gutierrez, Dave Edouard, Emilio Valenzuela

Upper Academy Language Arts: Logan Shroeder-Stevens

Upper Academy Social Science: Nicolas Porras

Upper Academy Mathematics: Danielle Alcocer

Upper Academy Science: Valentina Arias

Upper Academy Electives: Giuliano Volpe

And the teachers were:

Ms. Esquijarosa, Ms. Janette Fernandez, Mr. M. Fernandez, Ms. Madrigal, Ms. Mendez-Mishael, Ms. Palomino, Ms. Pena, Ms. Perez-Daniel, Ms. Triana and  Ms. Ugarte-Torre






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