FPL reminds customers that holiday season is a popular time for scammers to prey

DORAL, FL – The holiday season is often a popular time for thieves to pretend to be from Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) and prey on customers in an attempt to pocket quick cash.

In recognition of Scam Awareness Week, Nov. 17 – 23, FPL is partnering with Utilities United Against Scams to remind customers to protect themselves in this holiday season.

The first step is to be aware of suspicious activity. Scams can come in the form of an email, door-to-door solicitor, or most commonly, a phone call.

The scammer claims to be from FPL and threatens to turn off the customer’s power unless payment is made within an hour with only a prepaid debit card. The scammer provides a call-back number. Once the customer purchases the prepaid card, returns the call and provides the card number, the scammer has lined his or her pocket with cash.

Scammers are clever and use sophisticated technology, such as a caller ID system that may make the call appear to be from FPL. Many times the call-back number that the scammer provides mimics FPL’s customer service messaging.

To create panic, scammers often claim that a truck is on its way with a crew to disconnect power. Restaurants are often targeted during peak business hours when management can’t risk their power being disconnected.

Customers need to know that FPL will never call, text, email or come to your door demanding immediate payment with only a prepaid debit card or wire transfer to avoid disconnection. FPL always offers customers many easy ways to pay their bill.

FPL will also never ask for personal information, such as an account or Social Security number unless the customer initiates the call. In that case, FPL will ask questions to confirm the caller is the account holder.

FPL encourages customers to take action:

  • Suspicious call – hang up
  • Strange text or email – delete it
  • Visitor claiming to be from FPL without official FPL identification – shut the door

Customers can easily check their account balance online or through FPL’s mobile app anytime. For more information on protecting against scams, please visit: FPL.com/protect.

FPL takes the safety of its customers seriously. If you think a scammer has targeted you, you should report the incident immediately to your local police department, the Florida Attorney General Office or the Federal Trade Commission.


Press Release written by FPL. 

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