Gov. Ron DeSantis says schools in Florida will remain open for the spring

DORAL, FL – In a new press conference from Boggy Creek Elementary School, in Kissimmee, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced schools in Florida will remain open for the spring for in-person learning with the option to get instructed virtually. 

“In terms of no lockdowns, no fines, no school closures, no one is losing their jobs because of a government dictate. Nobody is losing their livelihood or their business. That is off the table,” said DeSantis, as reported by Sun Sentinel.

“Virtual learning is just not the same as being in person,” added the governor while also clarifying the order will maintain protections to district funding, but requires schools in Florida to notify parents if their child is underperforming with the online learning model, in which case the student could start attending school in person.

Education Commissioner, Richard Corcoran, who was present at the press conference, agreed with Florida’s governor. 

“Education is distinctly that thing that makes us human being,” Corcoran said. “If you’re going to take that and rob that from our school children, that threshold has to be really, really high and it has to be 100% certain.”

In the same line, Ron DeSantis announced he won’t approve closing down businesses as other states have done so. He said the re-openings of Disney, SeaWorld and Universal have not been the source of any major outbreaks.

He also doesn’t believe travel restrictions can do any good as the virus ” is everywhere”.  “To have these types of travel restrictions are not getting you any benefit.”

About COVID-19 vaccine, which ultimately will bring some hope to tame the virus, the governor revealed at least 1 million doses and possibly 2 million could come to the state before the end of the year, which would treat between 500,000 and 1 million people.

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