Hard Rock Stadium testing site will now become a vaccination site

DORAL, FL – Hard Rock Stadium testing site will become the first one in the state to be converted into a COVID-19 vaccination site. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed in a news conference on Wednesday that the soon-to-be a drive-through vaccination center will inoculate a minimum of 1,000 people per day, initially 65 and older and frontline health care workers only.

It was revealed Hard Rock Stadium testing site will begin working simultaneously as a vaccination site on Friday, January 8, with two cars lanes initially set up. 

According to CBS4, when individuals arrive at the site, they will be conducted to a separate lane to receive the first shot of the vaccine and then be observed for 15 minutes without leaving their cars. 

They also have to provide their contact information to later be reached and arrange a time to receive the second dose as the Moderna vaccine, as well as the one offered by Pfizer, require two doses, an initial inoculation and a booster shot weeks later.  

The Moderna vaccines will be free of charge and beneficiaries need to make an appointment first. The details on how to do so will be announced ahead of Friday’s opening. 

Also, people will need to bring a government-issued form of identification (not necessarily a Florida Driver’s License) and their health insurance information to the site. 

And if this location isn’t convenient for some people, they will be glad to know other two vaccination sites will also open soon, as reported by NBC 6 South Florida. 

These are: Marlins Park and another site in Miami-Dade that will be assisted by Jackson Health System. Jackson Health System CEO Carlos Migoya said Tuesday that “it’s possible 10,000 vaccine doses could be administered at the sites per week if supply allows.”

On Tuesday, DeSantis confirmed the supermarket chain Publix will begin providing vaccinations to people 65 and over later this week in three central Florida counties.

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