JC Bermudez wins District 12 County Commission

By: Maria Alejandra Pulgar


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Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez has won as Commissioner for Miami-Dade District 12, representing Doral, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Medley, Sweetwater, Virginia Gardens, and a large portion of unincorporated areas of the West of Miami-Dade County.

Bermudez, a lawyer, was the Founding Mayor of the City of Doral in 2003 until 2011. Came back to the office in 2016 and won reelection by a landslide in 2020. Now he moves onto higher office with the support of all the mayors of the municipalities in the District, who endorsed him during the campaign, and the confidence of more than 66% of the residents of District 12 that voted for him.

In his first statement as District 12 Commissioner, Bermudez confirmed his commitment to support the advancement of all municipalities on his District, and that he will remain involved to support the teams with “experience and the same mentality of honesty, efficiency and transparency” that have prevailed in the administration of Doral during his tenure as Mayor since its founding.


Results of other important races towards November midterms

Democrats elected Val Demings to run for US Senator, Charlie Crist for Governor, Aramis Ayala for State Attorney General, and Naomi Blemur for Commissioner of Agriculture. They also supported Annette Taddeo and Federica Wilson to run for US Representatives.

Republicans gave overwhelming support to Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos Giménez, and Maria Elvira Salazar for their US Representative races for their Districts in November and Wilton Simpson for State Commissioner of Agriculture.

And the results of the judicial races were:

Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 3: Lody Jean

Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 20: Robert Watson

County Judge, Group 5:  Fred Seraphin

County Judge, Group 19: Jeffrey Kolokoff

County Judge, Group 42:  Alicia Garcia Priovolos

The results for Circuit Group 34 and Circuit Group 52 were too close to call at the closing of this edition, but the slight majority favored Ariel Rodriguez and Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts

The general turnout of the elections was around 16%, which is typical for these events.


One thought on “JC Bermudez wins District 12 County Commission

  • Fantástico Sr Juan Carlos Bermúdez, usted es nuestra mejor representación!!!
    Tiene todo el respaldo de la comunidad que lo conoce desde hace más de 20 años y lo quiere y respeta, sabemos que su gestión será excelente ?

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