M-DCPS Launches Summer 305 to Explore, Experience and Excel

DORAL, FL – Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) announced an exciting and robust summer program designed with the whole child in mind. Through a one-size-fits-none approach, “Summer 305”, will address academic, physical and social-emotional needs.

This summer school experience will meet the unprecedented needs of our students and continue to address achievement/opportunity gaps. Registration is now open. Visit https://summer305.dadeschools.net for additional information.

“Summer 305” runs from June 23 – July 21, 2022, and will provide stimulating and challenging courses at 113 schools for students in grades pre-Kindergarten through 12th.

This year, M-DCPS will be partnering with The Children’s Trust again, the largest funder/provider of summer camps in our community to expand program offerings. The Children’s Trust offers more than 300 camps across the community – some of which are in our schools.

The District will provide materials and teachers who will work with small groups of children on literacy and numeracy, to address unfinished learning and develop foundational skills in reading and math that will prepare them for the next grade level.

For students in grades PreK-5, offerings will include Smart Start Elementary Camps, such as Hands-on STEAM, Investigations/Challenges and Math & Reading Foundations; Summer Reading Camps, Summer Arts Programs, Extended School Year Program, and a school-home connection program called the Adventure Backpack Program.

The Smart Start Camp concept, offered to both elementary and middle school students, is an innovative and multidimensional educational experience. The lessons will provide hands-on, interdisciplinary learning in core areas to strengthen foundational skills that students will need in their next grade level. They will also address social-emotional learning.

The camps are comprehensive and academically solid summer school programs that address the whole child and will run from June 23 through July 21.

Middle school students will be able to participate in the Smart Start Teen Camp, Middle School Course Recovery, a Career Technical Education (CTE) Summer Program, and Speak Up! Summer Camp.

The Smart Start Teen Camp provides opportunities for middle school students to participate in an interdisciplinary summer program that is fun and engaging with hands-on activities and project-based learning. Students will participate in thematic camp classes like “Finding Your Voice to Shape the World Around You,” “Going Global,” “Time to Explore” and “STEM Up!”

These classes will ensure that students think critically, and problem solve while preparing them for their classes next school year. The camps will run from June 23 through July 21.

High school programs include the Summer Youth Internship Program (SYIP), High School Credit Recovery, Driver’s Education, Speak Up! Summer Camp, CTE Summer Programs, Dual Enrollment, Algebra 1 EOC (End of Course) Prep Home Connections, and ACT/SAT Prep Home Connections.

The SYIP gives students real-world, hands-on experience and opportunities for networking through professional connections. The program will run from July 1 – August 5, 2022. Along with receiving stipends, program participants will also earn high school credit and be given the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credit through Miami Dade College.

Driver Education, new this summer, provides students with the opportunity to receive behind-the-wheel training. Program participants will earn one high school elective credit. The class will run from June 14 – July 21, 2022, and is open to students in traditional public, charter and private schools.

All high school students will also have access to specially designed online lessons, through the District’s Student Portal, which will provide tutoring and preparation for the ACT and SAT exams.

Schools and camps will adhere to current health, safety and sanitization protocols. Transportation will be provided to students who meet standard eligibility requirements, and breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge. Additionally, social emotional support and mental health services will be provided.

“Summer 305” is an exciting and expansive summer program. It will ensure that our students enter school in the fall prepared for learning.


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