Miami Beach Bans Plastic Straws and Stirrers Citywide

DORAL, FL – The city of Miami Beach bans plastic straws and stirrers as part of its goal to become a plastic-free city. Single-use plastic beverage straws and stirrers will be prohibited in the entire city, in bars, restaurants, beaches and public places.

A similar announcement was made in 2012 when the city prohibited the use of plastic straws in the beach area, but this new law extends the prohibition to grocery stores that won’t be able to sell straws packages to their customers.

The unanimous decision was taken yesterday by the City Commission that passed an ordinance to further reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the city’s storm drains and waterways as well as improving water quality.

“Every move we make to strengthen our litter laws citywide significantly reduces the amount of litter and pollutants on land and in the water. Protecting both our natural environment and wildlife is a priority for our city and a cause we will never stop fighting for” said Mayor Dan Gelber in a press release.

The ordinance will be phased with full enforcement taking place July 2020. Meanwhile, in the next three months, the city will educate and inform businesses on the provisions of the regulation, as well as assisting with identifying other reusable alternatives.

Businesses providing plastic straws or stirrers with the service and delivery of any beverage to patrons will be fined $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second and $500 for the third and subsequent violations.

Plastic straws are one of the most commonly found littered items on the beach, many of which end up in the ocean.

The problem with this is that plastic takes approximately 200 years to begin degrading and the average plastic straw is only used for a few minutes before being discarded.

From Doral Family Journal we hope this measure extends to other cities in the county such as Doral that could also help in the struggle for saving the ocean and marine life, and fighting pollution.







One thought on “Miami Beach Bans Plastic Straws and Stirrers Citywide

  • The problem isn’t the straws per-se but that plenty can’t be bothered walking to the trash cans and thus they litter .

    Have you noticed the amount of cigarette butts littered on the beach ?
    I haven’t been there in a year but suspect nothing has changed .

    It is illegal to litter but again it is ANOTHER law which is not enforced so instead of new laws like stopping businesses from providing straws why not for once actually fine those who litter ?

    All new laws here every few months which are a result of the current laws never being enforced .

    Doral from what I have seen isn’t bad at all as far as people littering but some places in Miami are horrifying .

    Miami needs a few ” small ” touch ups like ticketing ALL those who text as they drive ( not police ignoring them) , ticketing those who litter and illegally handicapped parking and this goes a long way.

    From what I have seen , Doral is light years better then the rest of Miami .

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