Miami-Dade County Announces Additional Funds for Rental Assistance

DORAL, FL – People across the world are still dealing with the effects of a pandemic on course in all fronts, especially in the economic one. But now, Miami-Dade County tenants affected by COVID-19 can have access to rental assistance.

Miami-Dade County (MDC) Emergency Rental Assistance Program 2.4 (ERAP 2.4) will now accept applications from MDC residents that are unable to pay an increase in rent. ERAP can help pay the difference between your current rent and the new rent for a period of 3 future months.

To qualify for assistance due to rent increase, ERAP requires that:

– Household income must be below 80 percent of AMI for the MDC, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Individuals making less than $50,650, couples making less than $57,850, families of three earning less than $65,100, or families of four earning less than $72,300 qualify.

– Provide a valid notice of rent increase from your landlord.

– All other ERAP requirements must be met.

The State of Florida also has a rental and utility assistance program.

To apply, click here and if you have any questions, please email or call 305-723-1815.

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