Miami-Dade School Board unanimously approved National Day of Prayer

DORAL, FL – National Day of Prayer, to be celebrated on May 5th, was unanimously approved and recognized by Miami-Dade County School Board Wednesday night.

Established in 1952 when it was first honored by presidents, governors and legislators in the United States, this day has granted a space for people to come together and pray for the nation’s leaders. However, up until now it hadn’t been recognized in any school board.

“Prayer and religion has been taken out of our education system a long time ago,” Christi Fraga, School Board representative for District 5 and the person behind the proposal, explained.

But now with the approval of this agenda item, students are encouraged to organize and have a day to pray together as a community for its leaders.

This means that schools across the county that are willing to participate on this event, would need to have their students create and mobilize activities surrounding this day.

“I requested a list of all the Bible clubs that exist in the district and I reached out to several organizations, as well as religious leaders in the communities and asked them to get their youth groups involved to do something on this day within their schools,” Fraga said during an interview with Doral Family Journal.

The importance of having accomplished to make this day to be honored and respected districtwide is that people of different faiths and beliefs can pray together in a time where the world needs it the most. “I can’t think of a better way to unite our communities, students, families, staff and teachers.”

It’s also an opportunity to break down the stigma around faith and prayer not being allowed at schools. With the new policy in place, is understood that praying is not only allowed but encouraged in an inclusive way, especially on National Day of Prayer.

“My belief is that this is one step in the right direction to restoring certain values in our education system that has been ripped away from our students,” Fraga adds, who also shared her gratitude towards the Christian Family Coalition Florida and all those who spoke at the School Board Agenda Meeting on social media. “This was a United Effort.”

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