New NAF Academy in Miami Training New Generation of Veterinarians

More than 70 students enrolled at JC Bermudez Senior High School in Doral.


A brand-new academy in the Miami suburb of Doral is preparing the next generation of veterinarians long before they even graduate from school. JC Bermudez Senior High School’s Academy of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Science is one of several new academies popping up across the nation giving students unique hands-on learning to compete for jobs after high school and college.

The NAF Academy of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Science is a four-year program that gives students training in everything related to veterinary medicine. As part of the class, students learn to practice blood testing for heartworm disease, check for pulse and temperature, and work with both live animals and a medical model dog to sharpen their budding veterinary skills. Field trips are also planned to Zoo Miami, Miami-Dade Animal Services and Equestrian Dreams Ranch.

One of the 70-plus students in the program is Azul M. who said the program “has offered me many opportunities — from competitions to actual real-life work positions. It’s a valuable steppingstone for students wanting to pursue a career in the veterinary medicine field.”

Upon completion of the program, students have the opportunity to take the veterinary assistant certification exam. With a passing score, and plenty of hours of clinic time, these students can become certified veterinary assistants with the option to go directly into the workforce or enter a post-secondary program.

“The NAF Veterinary Science program trains our wonderful and brilliant students to be ready to work in the veterinary field and help the animals that bring so much joy into our lives,” said instructor Dr. Marcela Caminos.

The new academy in Doral is part of a national effort to position students for success after they get their high school diplomas. This fall, NAF will open 35 new academies, including several in Florida, to help high school students learn work skills, meet and network with local businesses, and build a roadmap for how they want to reach those goals. These academies range from finance to health science to engineering to graphic design.   

NAF, a non-profit with more than 600 academies nationwide, is focused on enabling students of all backgrounds to participate in meaningful education and giving businesses the opportunity to partner with schools to shape America’s future workforce through career-relevant curricula and work-based learning experiences, including internships.

During the 2022-23 school year, over 112,000 students attended 604 NAF academies across 35 states and territories. In 2022, NAF academies reported 99% of seniors graduated with 88% of graduates planning to go to college.

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