OrthoNOW Served as the Medical Provider at Wodapalooza 2014.


OrthoNOW™ Orthopedic Urgent Care Center provided medical care at the 3rd Annual Wodapalooza CrossFit Event and Fitness Festival January in Bayfront Park.  Wodapalooza has grown to become one of the largest fitness competitions and CrossFit events in the world in which CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts from around the world gathered for three-days of competition and challenges.

As the medical provider, OrthoNOW™ was on hand with a team of orthopedic medical staff working in a fully functioning on-site emergency tent to treat the athletes in the event of injury or dehydration. 

“OrthoNOW™ is committed to getting injured athletes back in the game,” said Dr. Alejandro Badia, Chief Medical Officer of OrthoNOW™ Orthopedic Urgent Care Center.  “CrossFit competitors are among the most well-conditioned athletes and consequently put considerable demands on their musculoskeletal system. 

Whether during the event or afterwards, OrthoNOW, South Florida’s only Orthopedic Urgent Care Center provides a no-appointment needed facility for crossfitters to easily have their source of pain or limitations assessed by the appropriate specialists,” concluded Dr. Badia.

Photo Credit: Marimer Codina




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