Pete Cabrera celebrates his triumph.

Cabrera re-elected  for Doral Council



Voters in Doral re-elected a councilman Pete Cabrera on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The incumbent received about 50.18 percent over Liliana Campa who earned about 28 percent of the vote. Carlos Pereira got 14 percent and Jose Lorenzo got 8 percent of the votes.

While celebrating his re-election, Pete Cabrera stated that he is very grateful with the Doral community for allowing him the opportunity to serve for 4 more years. “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to represent the residents and all the businesses we have in our City”.

“My highest priority will be to continue to focus on our community’s overall quality of life that includes traffic, safety, quality jobs in the area, parks and recreation, culture, develop areas where families can congregate and share in their leisure time”, said the councilman re-elected.

“Traffic is a significant issue and I know there is a concern about new developments causing much of this traffic but there are two important factors.  First, most the development rights in our City were granted before us becoming a City and we cannot legally eliminate someone’s ability to develop these lands but we can guide what they build such as eliminating large office building which creates the highest volume of traffic per square foot and promoting mixed-use project where residents can walk to work, school, dine and even do groceries. Second, all the major roadways, 25th, 41st, 58th, 74thStreets and 87th, 97th, 107thAvenues are all County Roads and completely controlled by them. We are exploring creative solutions with the County such as reversible lanes on 25thStreet. In addition, are we going to be evaluating if the increase in tolls on the surrounding highways is diverting traffic onto the local roads and what the impact it is having.  These are a few of the projects and ideas we are working on”, commented the Councilman Cabrera.

Cabrera believes that the city should continue working closely within the staff and the County on creative ideas to solve the regional issue of traffic.

“Another main issue we must continue to focus on is safety. Crime has basically been stable for the last six years but as we continue to grow it will require that our department continue to adapt to those needs.  New technology is one of the things we are using to accomplish this”.

Cabrera believes that the other issue that should be addressed is the smell that affects large sections of our city. “Although not under our control we have always and will continue to work on this issue.  We have recently created a task force that includes some experts on the subject.  In the past, we have been focused on odor test, but we are now going to be focusing on more specific odor test as well and soil test.  At the recommendation of the Task Force, we are now going to be exploring soil testing which could possibly also be the source of the odor as well contain dangerous toxins”.

Pete Cabrera also believes that the City Council needs to work to find concrete solutions to help families with Children with Autism and Special Needs.  “I want to continue to focus on everything involving our youth and the family.  One area in specific that has been on my radar for the last several years is special needs.  I was alarmed when I became aware of the dramatic projected increase Autism. We have a Special Olympics for children and young adults with Special Needs but we must do more.  We must be pro-active with this as we have been with so many other things in our City and get ahead of the curve”.

Finally, he assures “The joy and pride of all of our accomplishments as a City, the wonderful people and friends I have met along the way are priceless to me.  Those who know me, know that I am not about making promises to try to be popular or to focus on getting credit or glory, they know that about action and results for our community. I am very proud of everything we as a team have accomplished as City.  I think no City has accomplished so much in such a short period of time while currently having the second lowest tax rate in the County and no debt”.

“Thank you again for the honor of representing you”, exclaimed Pete Cabrera.

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