School zone speed cameras will be installed in Miami-Dade County

DORAL, FL – School zone speed cameras will be installed across Miami-Dade County before the next school year begins thanks to a measure approved this week by Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners.

With the new measure, all school zones in the county will be part of the plan that will require conducting a traffic study at each location and launching an education campaign before the devices are activated. They will be provided by RedSpeed USA through a six-year contract that will be reviewed each year by the county to decide whether to continue renewing it or not. There will be no penalties if they decide not to.

Once it starts, drivers will receive a citation if they are travelling 11 MPH over the speed limit. Currently, police officers can issue a citation for anything over 15 MPH in a school zone. 

Those who fail to drive under the speed limit in those areas, will be charged with a citation of $100 and no points will go on their driving record, while the car insurance also won’t be impacted. 

About the locations, some 206 school zones have been identified and they are all in the unincorporated area of Miami-Dade.

This program can be applied within cities as per state law, which has encouraged some of them to follow through with this initiative.

This is the case of the City of Doral that in May last year unanimously adopted a resolution, proposed by councilwoman Maureen Porras, to support SB588, a law passed by the Florida legislature referring to Speed Detection Systems in School Zones. 

With the approval by Doral City Council, children, parents, teachers and all the school community within city boundaries could be protected, against the reckless behavior of some people who put everyone at danger, with the installation of speed detection systems in school zones.


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