Support your favorite nonprofits in Give Miami Day next Thursday, November 21

DORAL, FL – Support your community in Give Miami Day next Thursday, November 21. This is the largest giving event in South Florida in which people can donate money to their favorite nonprofits.

The 24-hour online fundraising begins at 12 a.m. and ends at 12 a.m. on November 22nd. During this time, anyone across the globe can participate by making a donation to one or multiple organizations through a bank account, credit or qualified gift card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) or through a Donor Advised Fund at The Miami Foundation, host of this initiative.

According to the official Give Miami Day website, this year there will be a new platform, thanks to a partnership with CiviCore, that will make the process of registering a nonprofit, making a gift and getting your company involved a lot easier.

The minimum gift amount is $25 and there is no maximum gift amount. Gifts between $25 and $10,000 are eligible for funds from the Bonus Pool, an additional percentage of funds distributed to participating nonprofits after Give Miami Day.

The nonprofits that you choose to support will receive the entire gift amount you designate, plus Bonus Pool funds and/or eligible prizes and minus credit card and transaction fees estimated up to 4.5%. 

It should be noted that if you make a gift through a Donor Advised Fund at The Miami Foundation, neither credit card nor transaction fees are assessed.

Give Miami Day is hosted by The Miami Foundation, a community foundation that helps charitable donors become champions for the causes they care about. The Foundation does not collect any fees and hosts this events as part of its mission to promote philanthropy throughout Greater Miami.

What are the benefits for nonprofits in Give Miami Day ?

Last year’s fundraising event made history by raising $11.5 million for over 750 local nonprofits. Almost 21,000 donors spanning Miami-Dade County, the nation and the globe participated in the fundraising.

Nonprofits supported by donors get a lot of benefits besides the money collected to continue working in specific programs or for operating support.

The Miami Foundation provides a bonus gift on every donation made by the donors on Give Miami Day. In addition, there are cash prizes and matching opportunities available throughout the day.

Also, participating nonprofits  increase their online visibility, engage new donors and prospects, and join a movement to make philanthropic giving more democratic.

For all this reasons, people that believe in one or many organizations is encouraged to make a donation. Lots of organizations from churches, spiritual centers or libraries to organizations that support the environment, education programs or the youth will be part of this year massive event.

A few of them are: Miami-Dade Public Library, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami, Frost Science Museum, ITWomen, The Villagers, and South Florida National Parks Trust, among many others.

For more information, please contact the Miami Foundation’s Give Miami Day Hotline at 305-371-2711.

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