Train station project at Wynwood is getting support from property owners

DORAL, FL – The Wynwood Business Improvement District, that represents more than 400 property owners of the area, is helping support train station project at Wynwood with an estimated of $2 million.

The project is part of a county rail plan announced in May when Brightline proposed a partnership with Miami-Dade County to allow commuter rail service on its tracks, with stops in Wynwood, the Design District, El Portal, North Miami and the Biscayne Bay campus of FIU, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Is aimed at completing the Northeast Corridor component in the 2016 transit initiative known as the SMART Plan.

The station would be at Northeast 27th Street between North Miami Avenue and Northeast 2nd Avenue, and would be used also by Midtown and Edgewater residents.

Some property owners in the area expressed their intention of supporting the train station project at Wynwood together with company Brightline, formerly known as Virgin Trains.

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Bill Rammos, owner of a portion of the proposed 27th Street station frontage along the FEC/Brightline railway corridor, spoke about how beneficial a Wynwood/Midtown/Edgewater station would be for the community. “My family is committed to facilitating accessible and affordable transit options to and from our community,” said Rammos.

And it would be beneficial mostly because it would reduce traffic congestion and improve walkability for residents in neighborhoods that are already very active.

However, about Brightline’s involvement in the project it’s not clear yet if the company would operate the proposed commuter rail service or just lease the FEC tracks through its parent company Florida East Coast Industries. 

“This project has a tremendous amount of community support and people are excited about the possibility to connect Miami-Dade like never before. We continue to have positive discussions with the county,” said a Brightline spokesman.

One thought on “Train station project at Wynwood is getting support from property owners

  • Public transportation for a city with the population of Miami is a disgrace and for the most part this place operates like its the 80s .

    I do find the Doral trolley system to be great , I took it like 6 months ago when my car was at the dealer ship for service .

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